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Session ideas and planned proposals for Brussels 1 T. Seiler Dear all,Thomas and I proposed a session for SETAC Europe next year in Brussels. Science and risk communication - where do we stand and where do we go from here?Nowadays, science and risk communication is widely recognized as an important responsibility of scientists. Successful science communication can be a powerful tool and has the potential to provide a better understanding of your field of research and its relevance to society - which is beneficial for all participating sides. Within environmental and ecotoxicological science and research this is of particular interest since our field is linked to many levels of everyday life. We should not rely on science journalism or the initiatives of a distinguished group of scientists to be solely responsible for the understanding of our research. However, acknowledging the importance of communication does not make us good communicators. So how do we learn skills and how do we choose the right communication strategy depending on our audience and the information we want to disseminate? How do we avoid misunderstanding and raising wrong concerns? Together with you we want to develop, demonstrate and concepts of good communication for our community. This session is aimed at collecting experiences and focuses the expertise on science and risk communication within SETAC. Did you have a communication strategy within your research project that worked? Or did your communication strategy not work and you would plan it differently in the future? Share your experiences, show your concepts and discuss with your peers about it. We seek to initiate a lively discussion between the presenters and the audience. Listeners are encouraged to report their own cases, issues or experiences.Did anyone else from SCIRIC propose a session?Regards,Leonie and Thomas
by L. Mueller
Friday, September 9, 2016
Collating science and risk communication expertise and experience at SWC? 3 E. Brockmeier No problem! I can put together a draft survey and send it to you next week.All the best!EKB
by E. Brockmeier
Thursday, September 8, 2016
SCIRIC and related activities in Orlando 0 T. Seiler Dear all, I will attend the SWC in Orlando and hope to meet up with many SCIRIC members there. We do not plan for an official SCIRIC meeting, but we could just agree on a nice place at or near the venue, if there's interest. However, we have planned also some specific SCIRIC activities: 1. Poster in the AG corner. This is a good spot to meet and chat. If you are new to SCIRIC we can make an appointment there to get known to each other and answer your questions, discuss our work. I will also try to be around in the breaks. If you are familiar with SCIRIC (e.g. from the Steering Committee) it would be nice if you could also have an I on the poster and approach people who seem interested. 2. 30 min slot at the SETAC central area. I applied for a time slot to introduce SCIRIC using some slides. This would also be a good opportunity to meet. So just come along and talk to us or help us informing people about the group. Details will follow. 3. AG summit. There will be again a summit of AG chairs. If you have any specific ideas what I should communicate there, whom to approach, etc., just give me a hint. 4. Session on "Ideas and concepts for dissemination and communication of research findings in times of Open Science and Science 2.0". We didn't receive many abstracts and hence this is now planned as a pure poster session. Anyway, in the past poster sessions proved to be very good platforms for intense discussions. So Leonie and I will be there at the socials, and I hope you join us. Best, Thomas
by T. Seiler
Thursday, September 8, 2016
SETAC “Advisory Groups” Terminology 2 T. Seiler Here's my two-sense (for what it's worth!).  When I was chair of the NA Student Advisory Council, we discussed this (at the request of the SNA BoD). We should remember that any SETAC member can join an AG and therefore the term "Expert" may lead some to believe that only experts on that topic can join. Therefore, I vote that we do not include "Expert Group" in our recommendations. I actually prefer "Interest Group" or "Interest Panel" because to me, that is what an advisory group is. We are a group of SETAC members that have some sort of interest in a specific topic. We may be there to advance the science, we may be there to learn more about communication, but ultimately we all have an interest. This removes the stigma that all members must be experts. I don't necessarily like the term "Discussion Group" because some AGs do more than just discuss, some really advance the way that science moves through workshops etc. And Dialog sounds like discussion to me. I'm indifferent to "Panel", "Group", or "Network".
by S. Bowman
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Potential SCIRIC Session Topics for Orlando 7 S. Bowman Hi all, good news from here! Our session was selected for the call for abstracts and we are also listed as a proposed spotlight session. I will send an invitation to submit an abstract the next days via the SCIRIC group mailing. But if you know of people who you think could contribute, or want to contribute yourself, then be aware that abstract submission is already open and the deadline is 8 June.@Sarah: How about your session, is it also in the call?@All: Anybody else who successfully submitted a session proposal?
by T. Seiler
Monday, April 11, 2016
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