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We ought to focus on science
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We ought to focus on the science - Subgroup Output 0 S. Quinn We ought to focus on the scienceOur subgroup has just put the finishing touches on an original article that addresses our topic "SETAC ought to focus on the science" - attached to this post.  We plan to publish it as a Letter to the Editor in IEAM, but we wanted to make it available to the AGS beforehand to generate discussion.  Thanks for your interest! -Shannon Quinn & Gene Mancini
by S. Quinn
Thursday, December 19, 2013
Science and SETAC 0 C. Stahl Hope this team is working on ideas.  Some thoughts that the team may want to consider....Does it matter if good science is done but not used in decision/policy making?  When does science end and science-based decision making begin?  Who decides what science gets done?  What's the process?  How much of the process is traditional science research and how much is something else -- political, social, economic?  In the book on the history of oncology, "The Emperor of All Maladies" by Mukhergee, it becomes apparent that cancer research would not get funding to start if the public was not mobilized to see this as an important knowledge gap that needed to be filled.  Were the early cancer researchers wrong in making the pitch that eventually created (and funded) the National Cancer Research Institute?  Or is cancer just a different science than the kind of science that SETAC scientists are involved in?  Just some thoughts to ponder....Hope you have some good discussions! 
by C. Stahl
Monday, March 18, 2013
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