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Decoupling economic growth from resource use
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Ideas for a paper 0 M. Zijp Dear authors on this subject's paper, do you have any progress in thinking on this postulate: "Decoupling economic growth from resource use doesn’t seem possible.”?Some ideas I have: - Could we review the literature on ecosystemservices, describing our dependence on them, describe which methods exist to express the change of availability of these services due to human activities (that drive the economy), discussing how the change in availability changes the possibilities for grow in the future, taking into account resilience? - Could we gather a bunch of arguments just to underpin this postulate. E.g. the ones allready mentioned in our earlier mail exchange: 1) estimate how many people/compagnies in the world grow rich by making money with money (which will be a very low percentage) concluding that the rest of our planetneighbours earn their living by creating things using stuff based on resources; 2) health of the nation > GDP (thnx to Deborah); 3) case studies, like the famous fish population examples on the optimum of fish quota.; 4) ... - Could we take the idea of Deborah a step further and postulate that nations health should not be expressed in economic growth (GDP) but as resource availability. Including the human being as resource (indicator: percentage of people having a job, or something like that).I am really curious on your thinking on this issue. Please share your ideas and also if you still intend to join this activity!
by M. Zijp
Friday, January 18, 2013
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