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Overview of SETAC books on metals
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5/12/2014 at 7:05:17 AM GMT
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Overview of SETAC books on metals

Assessing the Hazard of Metals and Inorganic Metal Substances in Aquatic and Terrestrial systems

Editors: Adams and Chapman

Publication Date: 2006


Test Methods to Determine Hazards of Sparingly Soluble Metal Compounds in Soils

Editors: Anne Fairbrother, Peter Glazebrook, Nico van Straalen, José Tarazona

Publication Date: 2002


Effects of Water Chemistry on Bioavailability and Toxicity of Waterborne Cadmium

Editors: JS Meyer, SJ Clearwater, TA Doser, MJ Rogaczewski, JA Hansen

Publication Date: 2007


Bioavailability of Metals in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Importance of Partitioning

Editor: Herbert Allen 

Publication Date: 2002


Reassessment of Metals Criteria for Aquatic Life Protection

Editors: Harold Bergman, Elaine Dorward-King

Publication Date: 1997


Silver in the Environment: Transport, Fate, and Effects

Editors: Anders Andren, Thomas Bober

Publication Date: 2002


Soil Quality Standards for Trace Elements

Editors: Graham Merrington and Ilse Schoeters

Publication Date: 2010

For more information, see: https://www.setac.org/store/default.aspx?

7/22/2014 at 7:17:37 PM GMT
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LCA of Metals: Issues and Research Directions, edited by Alain Dubreuil, should be in the list.

Bruce Vigon, SETAC Science Manager