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Questions and Research Needs Identified in Nashville
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11/19/2013 at 2:14:23 PM GMT
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Questions and Research Needs Identified in Nashville

Hi SEDAG members,

I am your webpage administrator.  I know that SETAC conferences provide an overwhelming amount of information and often, once back at home, questions arise and there is a desire for further discussion with colleagues about what was learned.  I thought that the SEDAG forum pages could be put to good use to continue conversations started at SETAC in Nashville (2013). 

As an additional benefit, those of us who couldn't go to the conference can be a part of the knowledge transfer as well.

I am new to this experience of using blogs and forums so please excuse any hiccups.  I am open to feedback others provide as well.


Trudy Watson-Leung, Sediment Toxicologist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment


1/21/2015 at 1:57:30 PM GMT
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Thanks for helping me set up options to get instant updates to a Forum or to blogs. It will be great to get your instructions out to other SEDAG members to have them set up these options too.

Chris Ingersoll, USGS, Columbia MO, cingersoll@usgs.gov

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