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Education and sustainability -- more questions than comments
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7/25/2013 at 2:50:14 PM GMT
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Education and sustainability -- more questions than comments
Valentina, A thought-provoking article.  Just thinking aloud (and so, not so synthesized or necessary cogent at this point), would it be helpful in thinking about the dilemmas of making good educations more accessible and more relevant to changing times, to think about it in wicked and tame terms?  For example, would/should the process be different if we're imparting tame information (i.e., facts) vs. when we're discussing (or synthesizing for purposes of discussing) wicked problems?  And would/should the process of imparting tame information be different from when we're discussing wicked problems?  Does this help us think better about the issue?  So a 101 level course in any subject might be tame information presented in a tame/elegant solution way (let's presume that this information is so basic that we've worked out how to deliver this information in the most effective way possible -- an assumption that should be thought about and potentially challenged).  But a 500 level course might really start to nibble (or if it currently doesn't, it should) at the wicked problem edges -- maybe.  I'm not completely convinced of any of this but I'm just throwing it out there for discussion/thought.  I'd be eager to hear from you and others to the extent that this is an interesting topic to you.  

Cynthia Stahl