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Follow up question on LCA team conclusions
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5/29/2013 at 6:27:59 PM GMT
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Follow up question on LCA team conclusions

Thanks to the LCA/sustainability writing team #3 for their contribution to the initial discussion about whether LCA takes care of addressing sustainability. 

A followup question for those (either on team #3 or anyone else) interested is a statement made in the meeting notes that says that "LCA is necessary but not sufficient to address sustainability."  So, turning this question on its head, Do you think that it's possible to address sustainability without engaging in LCA?  If so, why and how?  If not, why not?  Please post your thoughts to this Forum.  Remember, we're just discussing and you can change your mind later -- even several times, if you like!  So, be bold in your replies! 

Cynthia Stahl