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Apply by 10 December.

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The SETAC Science Slam is Back for its Next Edition in Seville!

Do you want to present your environmental research in a fun way to the entire SETAC audience, live on stage in Seville and with the thrill of competition? Do you like to break your highly specific knowledge down to its core so that everyone can understand? Then the SETAC Science Slam is your place to shine!

Participate in the SETAC Science Slam and showcase your research in an eight-minute presentation, play, song, dance…you name it! We have room for five participants, and anyone is welcome to compete! In the end, the audience will vote and elect the winners, who will take home cash prizes between 100€ and 500€.

We aim to have a group of competitors that is diverse in gender, country of origin, and type of presentation.

Between you and the stage stand only three small steps:

  1. Application. Fill out the application form by 10 December.
  2. Preparation. Prepare and practice your Slam.
  3. Fascination. Fascinate the audience and win a prize!

What is a science slam? 

Need some inspiration? Have a look at the SETAC Dublin 2023 Slammers (double click for full screen).