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Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop Soils Session

Posted By Michael Simini, Tuesday, June 12, 2018


All, a call for presentations in the platform session, "The R’s of Contaminated Soils: Remediation, Reclamation and Risk Assessment" chaired by Theresa Phillips, Katherine Stewart, and Amy Gainer at the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop, September 30 - October 3, 2018, Vancouver, BC, CA - Mike Simini


Go to   for details.


Abstract submission deadline is June 22, 2018



Contaminated soils impair healthy ecosystem function and adversely affect human health.  Managing contaminated soil often requires evaluating and reducing risks associated with human or ecological exposure through remediation and/ or restoration of soil quality and resilience. Thus, a management program for contaminated soils might consist of the combined execution of the three “R’s”: Risk Assessment, Remediation, and Reclamation.  This session will bring together Canadian leaders in soil remediation, reclamation and risk assessment to showcase innovative and applied research.  We invite scientists and managers from government, industry, consulting and academia to highlight their achievements with industrial, agricultural, natural or urban contaminated soils. Soil studies performed in laboratory or field settings under the following topics are welcomed: remediation; land reclamation; ecological restoration; ecotoxicology; human health soil toxicology; human health and ecological risk assessment; fate and transport; risk communication as it relates to soil contamination and site management; and, emerging contaminants. Through this session, we aim to integrate knowledge and experience to advance contaminated soil assessment and management.

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Minutes of 2016 GSAG NA Meeting, Orlando, FL

Posted By Michael Simini, Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Please find attached the minutes from the 7th SETAC World Congress and 37th annual meeting in Orlando, FL, November 7, 2016. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the discussion.

-Mike Simini

Download File (PDF)

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call for abstracts

Posted By Marlea H. Wagelmans, Monday, October 17, 2016

Dear all

I would like to draw your attention to the following session at Setac Europe in Brussels. This session is in track 4.


Advances in Soil Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Chemical Stressors

Chairs: Juliska Princz, Patrick Kabouw, Silvia Pieper, Mark Steve Maboeta

Soils are a non-renewable resource that provides a habitat for an extremely diverse range of organisms, thereby delivering unique ecosystem services. However, this precious commodity may remain under-protected within regulatory frameworks worldwide, mainly due to our lack of knowledge on the importance of the complex interactions and dependencies that occur within soil. Novel innovations and holistic approaches to the assessment of chemical stressors promote our understanding of their impact on the multiple facets of soil structure and function. This, in turn, is helping to ensure the protection and restoration of soils, and the myriad of life held within. In this session we aim to elucidate the way towards a holistic approach for soil protection. We invite researchers and regulators interested in further untangling the complexity of soil ecosystem processes, species interactions, and their vulnerabilities, in advancing soil protection. Recent scientific progresses in terrestrial ecotoxicological tools and environmental risk assessment procedures for chemical stressors in soils (e.g. [1], [2]) identified critical needs, data and methodology gaps to properly characterize the risk to soil structure and functions (e.g., how do microbial processes fit? What are critical species and components that we should protect?).

This session intends to address these gaps and provide a platform to discuss regulatory frameworks. We want to know what are appropriate strategies for effective soil protection, how to perform targeted higher tier testing, and how modelling approaches and field and laboratory tests can be inter-linked. We challenge the scientific community to share and link their scientific innovations to regulatory developments. This might include guidance on the characterization of exposure and effects, the value and design of higher tier testing, statistical power of laboratory and field tests, the development or improvement of ecotoxicological tests that can contribute to the risk assessment process, and most importantly, how to use these innovations to address the protection of biodiversity and soil ecosystem services. Researchers, students and regulators are invited to discuss their work related to the current soil risk assessment schemes - both prospective and retrospective - for different chemical stressors.

[1] ECHA (2016): Topical Scientific Workshop: Soil Risk Assessment. Workshop proceedings. ECHA-16- R-09-EN. doi: 10.2823/785130

[2] EFSA PPR Panel (2016): Draft Scientific Opinion addressing the state of the science on risk assessment of plant protection products for in-soil organisms. 


Kind regards

Marlea Wagelmans

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Minutes GSAG Nantes

Posted By Marlea H. Wagelmans, Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Please find the minutes of the GSAG meeting in Nantes, May 2016. Thanks for your presence and I hope to welcome you all at the GSAG meeting in Brussels next year.

Kind regards


Download File (PDF)

 Attached Files:

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GSAG NA 2015 Meeting Minutes SLC Utah

Posted By Michael Simini, Friday, December 4, 2015
The Meeting minutes of the 2015 SETAC NA annual meeting, November 3, 2015, Salt Lake City Utah USA.

Download File (DOCX)

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GSAG North America Meeting Minutes 2014

Posted By Michael Simini, Friday, December 19, 2014
Minutes of the GSAG annual meeting, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, 10 November 2014

Download File (DOC)

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NA GSAG Meeting Minutes Nashville

Posted By Michael Simini, Friday, March 28, 2014
The Minutes of the 2013 North America GSAG Meeting in Nashville, TN, USA

Download File (DOC)

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GSAG Meeting Minutes - Glasgow

Posted By Bruce W. Vigon, Thursday, June 6, 2013
Here are the summarized minutes of the AG meeting held in Glasgow May 2013.  See especially plans for the rest of 2013 and into 2014. 

Download File (DOCX)

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More on GSAG

Posted By Bruce W. Vigon, Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear members,

  Here are a couple of clarifications on Mike's minutes from Long Beach:

  • The old SETAC Communities site is no longer active.  All communication, discussion, document uploading/sharing, and general business should be done through the GSAG webpage (  The features available (blogs, discussion forums, email to members, and messaging to members) are superior by far to what we had on Communities.
  • The old listserve address ( is still usable but is now tied to the Your Membership database rather than our previous ACGI platform.  However, there is really no advantage to using that instead of the internal email/messaging capability within Your Membership.
  • For those who have not yet familiarized yourself with the navigation features, Jason Andersen has prepared a short video tutorial that may provide some useful site information:

  • On the point about forming an ISO expert liaison commenting group, we would need a minimum of about a half dozen people who are interested.  In the past we have actually set up individual groups to comment on specific standards in development.  If someone is aware of a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) or a recently formed workgroup on a standard, this could be the starting point for us to get organized.  Timing is everything.  If we get involved too late, then our potential impact is limited.


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SETAC GSAG NA Meeting 2012 Minutes

Posted By Michael Simini, Monday, December 10, 2012

SETAC North America Global Soils Advisory Group

SETAC North American 33rd Annual Meeting

Monday November 12, 2012

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Seaview C, Hyatt Hotel

Long Beach, CA


1. Welcome from the Steering Committee from Temporary Meeting Chair – Mr. Rick Scroggins; Dr. G.L. Stephenson volunteered to take the meeting minutes

2. Acceptance of last year's minutes

· Minutes accepted

3. Acceptance of Agenda proposed by Michael Simini – one additional item was proposed by Bruce Vigon that included liaison with ISO in the form of an ad-hoc committee

4. Update on soil-related activities in North America – Rick Scroggins

· Announce Environment Canada will be distributing a new plant toxicity method for testing the effects of soil contaminants on species representative of the boreal region of Canada. The method document is expected to be available in the Spring of 2013; there are also three new invertebrate test methods applicable to northern regions under development. Also, Environment Canada research is underway to access the performance and standardize a variety of soil microbial tests needed for measuring impacts from soil contaminants.

· Dave Spurgeon announced that a Metals Workshop took place in Sundance, Utah in September to develop a process for deriving soil clean-up values beyond the EcoSSLs and that an overview of the workshop would be summarized in a separate SETAC publication and that individual papers were to be published in a special issue of IEAM in 2013.

· Attention was drawn to the soils sessions at Long Beach and that the call for session proposals for the SETAC NA 34th Annual Meeting in Nashville will be announced shortly; the proposals are usually due in the New Year.

· Bruce Vigon encouraged the participants in the meeting to consider submitting a proposal to give either a short course in Nashville or a Webinar on soil-related issues and the pertinent associated science.

5. Update on soil-related activities in Geographic Units

· Unfortunately, as no members from the European, African, Asia Pacific or Latin America GU's were present at the meeting, there was no news to report

6. Steering Committee status – Nominees and Elections

· Six individuals are rotating off of the GSAG Steering Committee (Monica Amorim, Joerg Roembke, Juliska Princz, Mike McLaughlin, Adriaan Reinecke, Cristina Sisinno);

· New Steering Committee nominees for the North America GU from last meeting are Heather McShane, Canada (academia) and Ming Fan, Proctor and Gamble, USA (business);

· Prior to the Long Beach GSAG meeting, Cristina Sisinno had nominated Dr. Cintia Carla Niva from Brazil as her steering committee replacement for the SETAC Latin America GU;

· Although Mike McLaughlin is stepping down as the Asia-Pacific rep, he has agreed to nominate a potential candidate. Action: Mike McLaughlin to send name of nominee to Monica Amorim and Mike Simini

· Bev Hale (University of Guelph) volunteered to serve as a North American rep for academia and Dave Spurgeon agreed to serve as either a European rep for either business or academia;

· Other positions for the global steering committee are required as representatives for Europe (business and academia); Asia-Pacific (academia), Africa (academia), and Latin America (business); and

· A plea was made to participants to volunteer, get involved, or nominate

7. The SETAC NA 2012 soil sessions were announced

· Ecotoxicity, Fate, and Risk Assessment, of "Materials of Importance to the Military” (Mon AM, November 12)

· Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment of Soils (Mon PM, November 12)

8. Proposed soil sessions for SETAC NA 2013 (Nashville, Tennessee)

· Possible sessions were discussed but no one volunteered at this point in time to commit to submitting a proposal session; call for session proposals was issued in the new year.

9. Abstract submission reminder for SETAC Europe Meeting, Glasgow, UK 12-16 May 2012à Abstract Deadline: 30 Nov 2012

· Check the web-site for full details on soil-related sessions; Rick explained that he and Adriaan Reinecke are planning a session on soil ecotoxicology methods and their application using test species from non-temperate regions; Gladys explained that she was co-chairing a session on ecosystem services; there are at least three other soil ecotoxicology sessions planned for the SETAC Europe meeting

10. SETAC on-line communities à check for continuous updates on GSAG and soil-related activities

· Bruce Vigon encourage participants to get involved and explained how to join on-line

· Bruce also explained in detail the need to form an ad-hoc committee to review the ISO proposals for new work items and to participate in the review of methods and procedures of potential interest to the Global Soils Advisory Group. The ad-hoc committee could play an important role in terms that it could represent reviews that were objective, unbiased, and independent; the focus should be on the science and technical input; the participants would not have a vote in the process. Bruce is the contact person for those who are interested in participating in this committee; alternatively, contact the co-chairs of the Global Soils Advisory Committee.

11. Adjourn

Attendee List




Bev Hale

University of Guelph

Luba Vasiluk

University of Guelph

Julie Kikkert

University of Guelph

Theresa Phillips

EXP Services Inc.

Gladys Stephenson

Stantec Consulting

David Spurgeon

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Roel Evens

SETAC Europe – Science manager

Courtney Thomas

University of Texas

Paul Bireta

University of Texas

Bruce Vigon

SETAC-NA – Science manager

Rick Scroggins

SETAC World Council liaison

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