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SETAC Environmental Professional Award
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The SETAC Environmental Professional Award

The SETAC Environmental Professional Award is designed to provide society recognition of an individual’s advancement and contribution as a professional in the field.

This award is not a certification program and does not require a test of knowledge. Instead, the award is designed to recognize the majority of our members that have continued associated with the society and that are active in the field.

Awards will be made on an ongoing basis throughout the year as individuals attain eligibility. Award recipients will be announced through the SETAC newsletter and receipt of the award is recorded in the membership data base. Notification of the award will be provided to employers and other relevant institutions with a statement of the value of the contributions of the individual and the recognition of those contributions by the society.

Eligibility and Selection Process

 Only current regular members of SETAC are eligible. Candidates must have become regular members of SETAC at least five years prior to the year in which they are considered for eligibility. In the case of new affiliates or chapters that have become part of SETAC, eligibility includes membership in these affiliates or chapters. 

All eligible candidates will receive a survey requesting the following types of information:

  1. Committee memberships and roles (for up to five examples at the regional or GU levels)
  2. Workshop participation (up to five) in science and science policy (SETAC and others)
  3. Overview of record of presentations at SETAC regional or GU meetings (at least one per meeting up to five separate meetings)
  4. List of most recent peer-reviewed publications with emphasis on primary authorship (no more than five)
  5. Statement of current professional work and longer-term goals

A SETAC Environmental Professional is an individual who is actively engaged in the society, who is actively involved in science and science policy, and whose longer-term goals are to continue in the field. Thus that individual’s information should reflect a comprehensive balance of the categories listed above. An example is that an individual must have at least one entry in each of the first four categories and at least three entries in two of the first four categories; the individual will also have satisfactorily communicated a goal statement in the 5th category.

SETAC Environmental Professionals will be announced via newsletter and parchments will be distributed by mail. There will be a list provided with meetings materials at appropriate annual meetings but no formal announcements at the meetings. A running list of all individuals receiving the award will be maintained on the SETAC website. Finally, information would be sent to the individual’s employer or institution for local announcement and recognition.