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Europe Workshops
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SETAC Europe workshops are organised to bring together leading scientists from academia, business, and governments around the world to provide the state of the art with regard a topic of special interest for science, policy-making or the public. SETAC workshops are recognised for a multidisciplinary and tripartite approach to provide a balanced, science-based view on the subject.


Upcoming SETAC Europe workshops

No upcoming SETAC Europe workshops are scheduled at the moment.


Past SETAC Europe workshops

  • 18th Annual CEFIC-LRI Workshop, 16 and 17 November 2016, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Non-Target Terrestrial Plant Workshop risk assessment and management 21-22 September 2015, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • Chemicals: Assessment of Risks to Ecosystem Services (CARES) 15-16 July 2015, Brussels, Belgium
  • Developing a higher-tier approach for assessing the risk of plant protection products to Non-Target Terrestrial Plants in off-crop areas
    1-3 April 2014, Wageningen, The Netherlands

  • MagPie workshop - Mitigating the Risk of Plant Protection Products in the Environment
    13-15 November 2013, Madrid, Spain (part II)
    22–24 April 2013, Rome, Italy (part I)

  • Developing Global Guidance for Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment
    SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
    16 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Closing the Gap between Academic Research and Regulatory Risk Assessment of Chemicals
    SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
    12 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Pesticides and Fertilizers in Life Cycle Assessment
    SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
    12 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Risk-based Weight of Evidence (WoE) Bioaccumulation Assessment
    SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting
    12 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Modelink workshop:  Ecological Effect Models to Link Ecotoxicological Tests to Protection Goals
    April 2013, Monschau, Germany (part II)
    22-25 October 2012, Le Croisic, France (part I)

  • Workshops to evaluate current and prospective environment issues
    SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting
    31 May – 4 June 2009, Göteborg, Sweden

  • Expert Workshops on Fish Gonad Histopathology
    1-3 December 2008

  • AMRAP: Aquatic Macrophyte Risk Assessment for Pesticides
    14-16 January 2008

  • AMPERE workshop on Mesocosm Tests

  • ELINK workshop

  • LEMTOX workshop

  • Workshops dealing with topics such as molecular methods in ecotoxicology
    SETAC Europe 13th Annual Meeting
    27 April- 1 May 2003, Hamburg, Germany

  • Technical Workshop – Regulatory evaluation of aquatic microcosm studies with pesticides
    3rd SETAC World Congress, SETAC Europe 10th Annual Meeting
    21-25 May 2000, Brighton, United Kingdom




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