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Plants IG Documents
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Here you can find minutes and presentations from Plants IG (formerly AMEG) meetings; annual reports to the SETAC World Council; guidance documents, final reports, and presentations from Plants IG/AMEG-affiliated activities; and newsletters.

Minutes and presentations of Group Meetings (.pdf files)

SETAC Europe 2016 Nantes

Open meeting presentations:

SETAC Europe 2015 Barcelona

Open meeting presentations:

Poster corner presentations:


SETAC North America 2014 Vancouver


SETAC Europe 2014 Basel


SETAC North America 2013 Nashville


 SETAC Europe 2013 Glasgow



SETAC North America 2012 Long Beach

    SETAC Europe 2012 Berlin


    SETAC North America 2011 Boston


    SETAC Europe 2011 Milan


    SETAC North America 2010 Portland


    SETAC Europe 2010 Seville


    SETAC North America 2009 New Orleans


    SETAC Europe 2009 Göteborg


    Annual Reports to the SETAC World Council

    Guidance Documents/Reports

    Presentations/Brochures (see also minutes section above for other presentations)