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Global Advisory Groups: Endocrine Disrupter Testing and RA

2013 Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment (EDTRA) Annual Report

Welcome to the SETAC Global Advisory Group on Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment (EDTRA) webpage. Participation in the EDTRA AG is open to all interested parties. To become a member, make sure you are signed in to your SETAC account. Then click "Join Group” near the top of this page.


  • Since the 1990's, numerous research projects have focused on a wide range of chemicals that are known or suspected to be disrupting the endocrine systems of humans and wildlife
  • Various natural and synthetic chemicals have been found to interfere with the endocrine systems of animals in laboratory studies, while extensive field evidence indicates that endocrine systems of fish and other species have been impacted
  • An environmental risk assessment approach is needed for endocrine disrupters, allowing optimal integration of exposure and effects information. This risk assessment approach is of increasing importance given recent adoption of OECD test guidelines and their use in future decision making

Aims of this Advisory Group

  • Serve as a focal point within SETAC globally as a means of involving the membership in research and debate on endocrine disrupter risk assessment
  • Have direct and active links with existing regional SETAC advisory groups (including the SETAC North America Advisory Group on Human Health Risk Assessment)
  • Stimulate critical assessment in order to establish the best available science
  • Encourage the worldwide incorporation of the best available science and strategic approaches
  • Advance the overall understanding of the fate, effects and potential risk assessment consequences of known and suspected endocrine disrupters
  • Provide scientific support to ensure effective regulatory decision making
  • Provide a neutral platform and focal point for collaborative identification, evaluation and resolution of scientific issues

Planned Activities

  • Preparation of technical papers (general information, issue specific)
  • Developing a discussion forum on the SETAC web site
  • Sponsoring general endocrine disrupter testing and risk assessment technical sessions at meetings
  • Holding targeted (subject-specific) discussion groups at meetings
  • Implementing short courses, for example in advance of either SETAC or other conferences
  • Presentations to government agencies
  • Communication of updates in the SETAC Globe
  • Providing input to national and international test guideline development initiative
  • Providing educational materials for the public and schoolsystems

Steering Committee

Tom Hutchinson (Plymouth University, UK, chair - bio)

Karen Kidd (University of New Brunswick , Canada, co-chair)

Dan Petersen (U.S. EPA , USA)

Mike Roberts (DEFRA, UK - bio)

Gary Ankley (U.S. EPA, USA - bio)

Peter Matthiessen (Independent consultant, UK)

Lennart Weltje (BASF, Germany - bio)

Annegaaike Leopold (Wildlife International, Netherlands)

Malyka Galay Burgos (ECETOC, Belgium)

Taisen Iguchi (National Institute for Basic Biology, Japan)

Frank Mastrocco (Pfizer, Inc. , USA)

Henrik Holbech (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

Diana Miguez (Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay, Uruguay)

Katherine Coady (The Dow Chemical Company , USA)

Tim Verslycke (Gradient, USA)

Heiko Schoenfuss (St. Cloud State University, USA)

Anupama Kumar (CSIRO, Australia)

Ellen Mihaich (ER2, USA)

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Tom Hutchinson
Karen A. Kidd


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